Re: Writing the GNOME 2.14 release notes

On Sun, 2006-02-05 at 22:53 +0800, Davyd Madeley wrote:
> I know that Murray has no more time to do these, so I tentatively
> agreed to take over his role.


I'm still happy to help

> According to the schedule, we release on March 15, so a fully
> complete and translated set of notes must be ready by March 13. I
> figure the notes will take about a week to translate, so they need
> to be ready by around March 6.

this date's OK for me.

> Given the existing translation infrastructure in place (viz.
> xml2po), I suppose we will be using Docbook again.

eek. been a while. 

> Immediate things to do include updating the wiki page more:
>  -
>    unfortunately I have not written a 2.14 article that we can use
>    as a base for the notes
>  - get final word from the release team viz. what's in and what's
>    out and what versions we're taking of modules that have issues in
>    their dev branches

Which of these do you want help with?

> I would like to take a slightly different approach with the release
> notes this time. Try to make them more interesting and translate the
> work we've been doing into terms that are more approachable to
> someone not intimately familar with our platform.

I'm happy with this approach  - I've been introducing a fair few folk to
Gnome lately and can see how some very powerful concepts pass people by
- and presumably the release notes will help with that :)

> Once we've worked out how we're going to lay out the notes, we can
> get some release notes into CVS.

Ok-dokey. I'll need a bit of help with the correct docbook format, but
am sure Google will help with that.

The timetable looks good.

When's a good time to touch base with some first attempts?

When should we be looking for a hard list of features to begin
explaining to the users?


George Wright <george dexy org>

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