Re: [Off Topic] Words to Avoid "Vendor" [was Re: Questions to answer]

Richard M. Stallman wrote:

   Maybe we should just claim that we can't spell very well; ISV = "Third
   Party Developer".  A whole new kind of a10n[1].  ;-)

We can't solve the problem by denying it.

   We use the term interchangably with 'third party developers', and have made
   that explicit in many cases when we talk about it. OOo and Firefox also fit
   into this world view as 'third party developers' or ISVs.

The term "third party developers" has no problems--so I think that is
a good solution.  If we abbreviate it "TPD", that problem will be gone.

It's a painless change to make.
Nearly - though any new acronym can obfuscate. For that reason, I'd suggest going with "ISD", because of its similarity to the familiar "ISV", at least the reader may clue in by association and context. [Sort of like URL vs URI...]

I do think it's worth making this change, as you say, rather than denying the issue.



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