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On 11/25/05, Jonathan Blandford <jrb redhat com> wrote:

Additionally, we need to push our ISV platform.  This is one of the
biggest issues facing us, and as big an effort as getting GNOME 2.0 out
was.  We should start another group to work on this (similar to the
release team) and for this to be a big project-wide initiative.

I think that would rock.  It may be worth noting that Brian has been
pushing in this area[1], Murray tried to help push it along[2], and
Federico is making noise in the area as well[3], all of which is
great.  Brian and Murray have been putting together some
draft/preliminary Interface Specification notes on the wiki (which
I've looked over, but I'm not really that qualified to help out in
this area).  So I think along with your work there'd be at least a few
easy candidates who could be
suckered^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hnominated/appointed to be part of such a team.

I would be happy to help out.  As Jonathan mentions, Murray and I have
been sorting through some of the issues on by putting
together an Interface Specification that is hopefully useful to ISV's
wanting to know which GNOME interfaces are the most appropriate to use.
It would be great if you wanted to help contribute to this document:

Another thing that is helping the situation is that the Linux Standards
Body has a Desktop Working Group which is working towards standardizing
a core set of desktop interfaces (including GTK+ and its dependencies).
I've been attending their weekly Tuesday meetings and it would be useful
if more people were involved.  The biggest thing slowing them down is
that they need test programs which validate the functionality of all
interfaces in these libraries, so anyone with an interest in helping to
finish writing GTK+/pango/etc. test suite programs would be especially
useful to get involved:


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