Re: Questions to answer

On 11/25/05, Jonathan Blandford <jrb redhat com> wrote:

> Additionally, we need to push our ISV platform.  This is one of the
> biggest issues facing us, and as big an effort as getting GNOME 2.0 out
> was.  We should start another group to work on this (similar to the
> release team) and for this to be a big project-wide initiative.

I think that would rock.  It may be worth noting that Brian has been
pushing in this area[1], Murray tried to help push it along[2], and
Federico is making noise in the area as well[3], all of which is
great.  Brian and Murray have been putting together some
draft/preliminary Interface Specification notes on the wiki (which
I've looked over, but I'm not really that qualified to help out in
this area).  So I think along with your work there'd be at least a few
easy candidates who could be
suckered^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hnominated/appointed to be part of such a team.



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