Re: I want in!

On 11/7/05, Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> wrote:
> Dearest release team,
> Short story:  I'd love to be a member of the release team :)
> With the recent push for performance, stability, and all that, I think
> we could have some automated processes in place to ensure that our
> releases get only better.  I think I could provide some useful work for
> this.
> So, what should I do to be part of The Cabal?

Typically, the way the team has worked is that when one person leaves
the team, they suggest a replacement.  Of course, it doesn't need to
always be that way, and I see nothing saying that we couldn't expand
the team.  So, there are a couple ways we could go about this plus
some extra points we need to consider:

- Luis and Frederic both expressed in team meetings last cycle that
their time was shrinking and that they'd probably leave the team soon.
 They may have just avoided taking the time to find a replacement, so
you may want to ping them to see if they still feel the same way or
have changed their minds.

- I've chatted with Johnathan over email recently and he expressed a
similar sentiment, so you could also contact him.  An important point
he brought up, though, is that we need to work hard to be open about
our plans so that distributors relying on us can plan accordingly. 
(He says we've been doing a good job recently, but it was a concern
about whether we'd be able to keep it up and I'm sure we still have
room to improve.)

- We need to work harder at involving the community if we're The
Cabal.  We'd like to get the community a lot more involved.  In
particular, I don't see how you'd need to be a member of the release
team to do the performance work you suggest.  Don't get me wrong, I
think you'd be a great member of the team and I'm not saying no to
your request by any means (that's the opposite of what I want to do
with a well qualified and energetic individual), I'm just saying that
looking beyond your request it worries me that the sentiment you
expressed likely means others don't feel empowered to help out and
thus avoid doing it unless they're on The Cabal.  That's not good; how
can we fix it?


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