Re: I want in!

On 11/7/05, Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> wrote:
> Dearest release team,
> Short story:  I'd love to be a member of the release team :)
> With the recent push for performance, stability, and all that, I think
> we could have some automated processes in place to ensure that our
> releases get only better.  I think I could provide some useful work for
> this.
> So, what should I do to be part of The Cabal?

Start writing automated tools ;)

What I believe we need is a (or more than one) supertinderbox that
builds everything and runs the automated tests provided by
LDTP/Dogtail. I really didn't get very far on that- the jhbuilt
tinderbox bits are there, and it runs make check, but that is about

Some combinations needed:
* a plain-jane tinderbox to build things
* tinderbox + make check
* tinderbox + make check + LDTP/Dogtail
* tinderbox + -Werror
* tinderbox + warnings -> crashes

All except LDTP/Dogtail are pretty easy to set up, just require
time/hardware. Federico, jb may even have some hardware for you, if
you want it...


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