Re: [pygtk] Possible memory leak in pygi-invoke.c


   I've worked on a patch to correct the memory leak in invoke()
function. The patch has been submitted, see:

Le 03/09/2010, Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu sugarlabs org> a écrit :
> Hi Damien, we should certainly be doing something like that. I think
> that if make check and make check.valgrind do pass without warnings,
> your patch is good to push.
The make check is fine, and the make check.valgrind shows a lot of
issues, but the current HEAD gives:
==32522== LEAK SUMMARY:
==32522==    definitely lost: 29,550 bytes in 1,316 blocks
==32522==    indirectly lost: 31,713 bytes in 656 blocks
==32522==      possibly lost: 2,071,160 bytes in 1,759 blocks
while after the patch, we have:
==32541== LEAK SUMMARY:
==32541==    definitely lost: 4,895 bytes in 113 blocks
==32541==    indirectly lost: 2,640 bytes in 81 blocks
==32541==      possibly lost: 2,074,814 bytes in 1,767 blocks
But, both still segfault here and there around the testproperty
series (at least, the given memory estimations are for the roughly
the same number of successful tests)...

Beside, I think that this patch corrects the TODOs related to release
the argument in case of error since the pygi_argument_release is moved
to the free routine. What's your opinion ?



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