Re: one more pygobject hackfest

On Sep 21, 2010, at 10:18 AM, Tomeu Vizoso wrote:

>has been proposed that we hold a hackfest to give the final push that
>will make Python and GObject introspection ready for deployment. The
>idea is to get some big user of PyGtk and bang on the different
>components until everything works. There will be performance work to
>do as well.

You may not want to wait that long, but having a hackfest at Pycon 2011 in
Atlanta in March would be a good idea.  The sprints are free to attend, and
well-supported by the PSF and its sponsors.  Of course, individual members
have to arrange their own travel, room and board, but even there, the PSF does
provide some limited sponsorship for individuals.

>The venues being considered right now are: Boston, Miami, Paris,
>Bolzano, Cambridge (UK), Berlin and Prague.

If it's in the USA, schedule permitting, I would try to attend.

>We need to find funding for the travel, the GNOME Foundation might be
>able to help there but it will make that much easier if other
>organizations also contribute. I'm thinking of our respective
>employers and maybe as well the Python Foundation, as I guess there's
>interest there in having all the Python apps in GNOME being ported to
>Python 3.
>Anybody thinks it's a good idea?

Definitely!  Once a location, time frame, and rough budget is established I'd
be happy to try to reach out to the PSF board to see if they can sponsor part
of it.


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