one more pygobject hackfest


has been proposed that we hold a hackfest to give the final push that
will make Python and GObject introspection ready for deployment. The
idea is to get some big user of PyGtk and bang on the different
components until everything works. There will be performance work to
do as well.

The idea is being floated right now in the Sugar mailing list and has
received positive attention. Sugar is a quite big user of PyGtk and
also of several other gobject-based libraries. We'll be also testing
it on the relatively low-powered OLPC laptops so we'll need to
optimize the function invocation code path and also reduce unnecessary
memory consumption.

The venues being considered right now are: Boston, Miami, Paris,
Bolzano, Cambridge (UK), Berlin and Prague.

We need to find funding for the travel, the GNOME Foundation might be
able to help there but it will make that much easier if other
organizations also contribute. I'm thinking of our respective
employers and maybe as well the Python Foundation, as I guess there's
interest there in having all the Python apps in GNOME being ported to
Python 3.

Anybody thinks it's a good idea?



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