Re: Planner Health

On Tue, 2009-03-10 at 07:54 -0300, Mario Mol wrote:
> The web part is too importante, because people need to appoint their
> hours writing what have they done, for how long and update the status
> as well!
> I would like to help on the web stuff or new features. How can i do
> it?

Excellent!  It will be great to have another set of hands that can work
on both Planner and WebPlanner.

You should probably start by familiarizing yourself with Ruby on Rails.

Two books I think are the most helpful:
* The Ruby Programming Language (O'Reilly)
* Agile Web Development with Rails (Pragmatic Programmers)

There's a good amount of info out there on the net, which is great for
reference and getting your toes wet, but the above 2 books I think are
essential.  Agile Web Development walks you thru the creation of a web
application, and gives you a good feel for the framework.

When you're ready, I can suggest some things for you to work on.

Kurt Maute <kurt maute us>

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