Re: Planner xml field additions

On Thu, 2009-04-02 at 16:00 +0200, Maurice van der Pot wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 01, 2009 at 11:04:11PM -0400, Kurt Maute wrote:
> > What's your view on the timing of changes to the xml format?  I'm just
> > wondering if you'd like to get a new release cut before we do something
> > like that.
> Yes, I would like to do a release first. It should include the GTK+
> printing stuff (done) and the help file generation for Windows (still to
> be done). I'll check tomorrow if there are other things to include.


> As the transition to git is nearby, maybe this is a good time to reflect
> on the way we have been working. Branching, or rather merging, in
> subversion is not really an option but with git it may make some things
> easier.

> I don't have much experience with git or similar tools, but the idea of
> topic branches does sound attractive. Also if we would like to postpone
> the inclusion of file format changes, we could keep them in their own
> branch and we as developers/contributors would still be able to
> collaborate on them.

Yeah, I've heard Git is far more flexible, but haven't used it either
except to download a few plugins.  I'll have to play with it a bit.

Kurt Maute <kurt maute us>

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