Re: [Planner Dev] Resource usage view problems

On lör, 2004-06-19 at 11:13 +0000, Alvaro del Castillo wrote:

> About the time before 0.12, I have just finished undoing add and remove
> calendars, so I feel the undo system is very very near to be finished. A
> week. Only Working time and Default week are missing, and the two
> dialogs use a "Apply button" so implement undoing is much easier.
> We need to discuss if having an undo system, Apply button have sense,
> but for 0.12 I feel we will release with apply buttons in those dialogs.

The apply buttons aren't there due to having undo or not. They are used
for three different reasons:

1. in places where instant apply would be too slow (if selecting a
radiobutton would trigger something that takes a lot of calculations for

2. where you would get an inconsistent state with instant apply, like if
you need to select a whole group of choices together

3. where it's really hard to come up with a UI that is obivous how use
with instant apply

It's basically only number 3 that we can do something about.


Imendio HB,

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