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tis 2004-02-17 klockan 16.20 skrev Mark Durrenberger:

> I'm having a tough time coming up with good reasons to link effort and
> duration but I can't rule it out for others. So it might be a feature some > (former MSP users) would look for - is that justification enough to include
> it?

I think the feature is mostly used in MS Project as a way to do
"what-if" scenarios, where you add a few resources to see what the
result is. The problem with the way it is presented in the UI is that
you sort of buy the whole thing as a truth ("wow, if I add 10 resources,
the project will be done a month in advance").

It may be a "what if" tool but my experience is that people try to use it as a resource planning tool and get really frustrated with it "I entered my work and all my durations changed" is what I hear the most....

I'm sure there are many other ways to achieve the same thing in a better

We should probably keep the feature in some form though, since there
actually IS a relationship between the duration and the amount of
resources that you throw at a task, even if it's not really linear like
in our model. For resources other than human it might even be a very
good estimation.

I'm curious, could we produce an interim release without the link between the two and see how many users request it ;-)

I definitely agree that it would probably be better to not have the
relationship enabled by default.

> User selects a task flag "link effort and duration" once this flag is
> toggled, then they are presented with three additional "check boxes"
> "Keep duration constant" (is that better than "fixed duration"?) (default)
> "Keep effort constant"
> "keep allocation % constant" (please don't use "units")

I like this, I think it would be a very nice way to deal with it.

Thanks for the input!

Happy to help...

Richard Hult                    richard imendio com

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