Re: [Planner Dev] MS Project "red flag"

ons 2004-02-11 klockan 20.32 skrev Mark Durrenberger:

Hi Mark!

First off, thanks for great input and sorry I haven't had timet o reply
before today.

I think you make a very valid point here and this is something that has
always been one of the reasons I don't like these kind of tools myself.
They give you a fairly inaccurate view of the project (at best).

So, what you suggest is that we have Effort and Duration (I agree that
Effort is a much better term than Work). Effort is meassured in
"staff-hours/staff-days" to avoid confusion with the Duration that is
measured in hours/days. The two aren't by default linked together but
the user can chose to link them and when doing that also specify how
they should change (fixed duration, fixed work etc, or is this not
useful if we do it like this?).

To me this sounds like a pretty good idea.

  Mikael Hallendal

Imendio HB,

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