[Planner Dev] Suggestion for easier Resource allocation - can I have a look at this ?.

I too noticed defining resources wasn't easy at first.
As a quick fix for next release of Planner can I
suggest a simple button/menu of "Allocate Resources"

Thus you could ctrl/shift-click multiple tasks (well
actually I've found up to 31 or 32 only !) and then
click/menu the "Allocate resources" option.

Something like the existing Resource display would be
presented but existing allocations would be presented
in the typical (true for GNOME ?) three-state
convention of Checked , Not Checked and Inconsistent
based on all the resource allocations of all the
selected tasks.

Thus you could easily add/remove a resource and adjust
its units allocation but keep existing allocations
unchanged, across all the selected tasks at once.

Does that sound OK ?. I can look at this as I've finished
my "Link" button change and this change would be a nice
incrementally more difficult task for me. I won't be
able to do a drag-n-drop as that would be too hard
(my guess).

OK for this ?


(After that we'd need a easy way of setting completion
percentage for many tasks ;)

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