Re: [Planner Dev] Planner Development Assistance

tis 2004-02-10 klockan 18.39 skrev Mark Durrenberger:
> >Hi All,

Hi, great to see you interested in the project!

> I'd like to participate in the development of planner, however, I'm not a 
> C++ programmer (VB has taught me a bit about OO programming but I still 
> struggle with the ideas - unfortunately most of my programming was done 
> in  FORTRAN (66 and 77) on a CDC mainframe or a VAX). I've done a tiny bit 
> of C programming and expect over time to come up that learning curve...

Currently Planner is written 100% in C but we will most likely start
using C#/Mono in the future (post-1.0) for certain new parts. 

> Meanwhile, I'd like to help on the roadmap for Planner - I can speak from 
> years of consulting and training in PM and relay lots of user experience 
> plus I have a ready base of potential users (a mailing list of over 2000 
> former students).

This is great, especially if you are also interested in helping out on
the implementation of such ideas. We currently have a lot of more ideas
than man hours so this is great.

> So, if you'll have me, I'd love to contribute.

Of course! :)

> Of course, my biggest fear is that Planner become the "free" version of MS 
> Project. I don't feel that MSP is a good model for PM Software (an 
> apparently it is a cash cow for MS - Lots of copies sold, but not lots of 
> users thus low support costs)

For the record we are not trying to make a copy of MS Project. The
reason it's pretty similar to MS Project is more because we started
making it similar to Evolution (which used Outlook as ui model) than the
fact MS Project looks the same way.

If you have ideas and understandings about thing that can be done in a
better way, please send messages to the list and add bugs in bugzilla.
Knowledge about user experiances with MS Project is something that
neither me or Richard has.

  Mikael Hallendal
Mikael Hallendal               micke imendio com
Imendio HB           
Phone: +46 (0)709 718 918

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