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Hi All,

I'm new to this list. I just learned about Planner and am quite curious. Let me tell you why. For approximately 8 years now I've been consulting and training in project management and I run across a lot of unhappy MSproject users. So I undertook an effort to "bend" MS Project to do what I think it should do. I came up the VB (not VBA) learning curve and have written an add-in for Project that adds functionality and circumvents built in functionality. I give this add-in to my customers (version 3 will be released shortly).

When I learned about planner, I thought "finally, a tool that's not MS Project and in the public domain" -

I'd like to participate in the development of planner, however, I'm not a C++ programmer (VB has taught me a bit about OO programming but I still struggle with the ideas - unfortunately most of my programming was done in FORTRAN (66 and 77) on a CDC mainframe or a VAX). I've done a tiny bit of C programming and expect over time to come up that learning curve...

Meanwhile, I'd like to help on the roadmap for Planner - I can speak from years of consulting and training in PM and relay lots of user experience plus I have a ready base of potential users (a mailing list of over 2000 former students).

So, if you'll have me, I'd love to contribute.

Of course, my biggest fear is that Planner become the "free" version of MS Project. I don't feel that MSP is a good model for PM Software (an apparently it is a cash cow for MS - Lots of copies sold, but not lots of users thus low support costs)

To learn more about my company go to www.oakinc.com (I'm not doing this for advertising but for credibility).

Mark Durrenberger

When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.

                                                 Eric Hoffer

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