Re: [pinpoint] Put images in the foreground

Even if I do not use unscaled option, the number of images that can be
loaded is limited to about 60.

For now I simply split the presentation into several pin files.

However, I experience another strange phenomenon.

Some of my images are displayed correctly whereas others have a
completely wrong orientation, such as turned by 180° or mirrored.

What can be the reason for that?

The original images are definitely in the right orientation.

I double checked it using GIMP and Geeqie.

-- Robert

2012/1/29 Øyvind Kolås <pippin gimp org>:
> On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 9:03 AM, Robert Orzanna <orschiro googlemail com> wrote:
>> Thank you for your answer.
>> The hint with unscaled did the job!
>> That is, I wanted to include about 300 pictures with the following syntax.
>> -- [unscaled] [photos/P1010030.JPG]
>> -- [unscaled] [photos/P1010031.JPG]
>> However, every time I try to launch pinpoint I get a bus error.
>> Is that too much for pinpoint to handle?
> pinpoint currently loads all the images up into the GPU on load - it
> should scale them down to fit the screen on load, but given that you
> want them unscaled this wouldnt have helped you. In short - you are
> running out of GPU memory and your OpenGL driver does not seem to deal
> gracefully with that.
> /Øyvind K.
> --

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