Re: [pinpoint] Some ideas.

2011/12/7 Adjamilton Júnior <ajunior brasifort com br>:
>> I disagree that the picker should only be shown on the speaker screen when
>> it is available--I have found that people in the audience often will say
>> something like "Can you go back to that diagram? No, not that one... Maybe
>> the one before? No, that's not it either..." Having the picker visible to
>> the audience allows viewers to see an overview of the presentation and say
>> something like, "three slides back".

Being able to show it as part of the "audience screen" is needed
anyways for the scenarios where pinpoint is run with only one
window/display. I still think it would be useful to be able to bring
it up only on the speaker screen - since seeing potentially yet unseen
parts of the presentation can be distracting to the audience.

Figuring out the details of this is related to another unresolved
issue; which is how to integrate the speaker screen with the
applications overall behavior. (This is also related to possibly
adding a visual editing interface.)

> I agree with Øyvind because will be strange the audience see the speaker
> notes.

The visual slide picker would probably not involve the speaker notes
at all. But probably be a grid showing all the slides in the
presentation allowing you to click one of them to jump to that slide
in the presentation.

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