Re: [pinpoint] Some ideas.

On Wed, 7 Dec 2011 17:17:25 -0200, Adjamilton Júnior wrote:

I have started to work on a visual slide picker already. I hope to
submit a patch soon.


I disagree that the picker should only be shown on the speaker
screen when it is available--I have found that people in the
audience often will say something like "Can you go back to that
diagram? No, not that one... Maybe the one before? No, that's not
either..." Having the picker visible to the audience allows viewers
to see an overview of the presentation and say something like,
"three slides back".

I agree with Øyvind because will be strange the audience see the
speaker notes. 


I wasn't suggesting that the speaker notes would be visible on the slide picker, or "index screen" as I've been calling it.

The index screen, at least the simple on that I have started working on, is simply a grid of slides. When "zoomed out" a user will be able to click on a particular slide to "zoom in" on it. For instance:

   Main         Speaker
+----------+  +--+--------+
|          |  +--+-+ Note |
| Slide 3  |  | 3  | Three|
|          |  +--+-+      |
+----------+  +--+--------+

Zoom out with 'I' for 'index'.

   Main          Speaker
+-----+-----+  +--+--------+
|  1  |  2  |  +--+-+ Note |
+-----+-----+  | 3  | Three|
|  3  |  4  |  +--+-+      |
+-----+-----+  +--+--------+

Click Slide 2, or select it with arrow keys.

   Main         Speaker
+----------+  +--+--------+
|          |  +--+-+ Note |
| Slide 2  |  | 2  | Two  |
|          |  +--+-+      |
+----------+  +--+--------+

I haven't considered whether or how the "index view" would be represented on the speaker screen. For now I'd like to get it working in the main window. I do think that the ability to give the audience a visual overview of the slides is a useful feature.


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