Re: [pinpoint] Some ideas.

2011/12/7 Adjamilton Júnior <ajunior brasifort com br>:
> About a week ago I met pinpoit. This is fantastic.

Thank you :)

> There are some things that I think would improve the program:
> 1. Add an option (shading-edge = normal | round) to allow the choice
> between normal shading or with edges rounded.

Having rounded corners would be nice, done properly it could also be a
reasonable default. The radius of the rounding could be tied to the
size of the padding between the text and the edge (this is not user
controllable; and probably should not be either.)

Rendering a nice antialiased rounded shading is not as straightforward
as a rectangular one (The best approach is probably to pre-render the
corners using cairo.)

> 2. Back to first slide when pressing key: HOME, H or h.

A patch just adding such an action to the HOME key wouldn't be
problematic, but I think this need is best covered by a visual
slide-picker (that in dual head mode shows the picker only on the
speaker screen.). (The current behavior of jumping along the slides in
the presentation when dragging the pointer along the top few pixels of
the presented slide is not easily discoverable - and when accidentally
discovered it can be a bit unsettling to a presenter during a

> 3. Allow justified text.

At the sizes needed to make text reasonably readable in a presentation
the gaps introduced  between words when rendered justified would make
text harder to read and probably not look as neat as ragged right

/Øyvind K.
«The future is already here. It's just not very evenly distributed»
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