Re: [PULL REQUEST] Automatic kernel management

On Sat, 2012-08-18 at 19:25 +0200, Giovanni Campagna wrote:

> Yeah probably, but then, enabling in other cases does no harm (at
> least for jhbuild), and automatic distribution detection would make
> things more complicated.
> Debian packagers can just --disable-kernel-updates.

Ok, yeah we can evolve this over time.  Hopefully someone will show up
who runs Debian.  I think we'll need to look at Ubuntu too (not sure how
much in sync they are with Debian).  And personally I do care about

Though long term booting bleeding edge libdrm/mesa on a RHEL6 kernel is
going to be a losing endeavor.  Anyways for now it's useful.

> > As far as splitting off certainly makes the code
> > changes "noisier".  It's slightly unfortunate to re-exec ostadmin; we
> > could split off update_kernel as an internal API.  But up to you.
> I thinks it's easier this way, and the performance impact is negligible.

Yeah, just pointing it out.

> Well, it's trivial to change --no-initrams --no-bootloader to --no-kernel. 

So go ahead and push, but please do update for this too.  Not a big deal
if you don't though, I can do it after.


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