Support for Radeon an nouveau?

Hi all,

First of all congrats on ostree, it's a fantasic and long-needed piece
of software from what I've seen. :)

I've been trying to install the gnomeos tree to test GNOME 3.6 on my
system and got as far as Xorg; it apparently locks up when loaded, as
I can't use the mouse and keyboard and it displays the fallback gdm

Looking at gnomeos-3.6.json it seems that only the vesa and intel
drivers are built, and mesa is built without support for modern nVidia
and Radeon hardware. Is there any chance of adding those? The gallium
drivers for some of those requires llvm too, I think.

Another question: is there a way to cleanly reboot or power off the
ostree system right now?

Cheers everyone!


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