Re: [orca-list] improve irssi support

Hmmm, not seeing that myself, but I don't run any terminal apps under X.
I'm only there for Firefox, perhaps Calc, etc.

I'm definitely running irssi in a console tty screen session with
Speakup. In fact, I typically run about 4 different irssi sessions in 4
separate terminals.

Is there a filed bug for what your seeing?


Tyna Pelletier-Bilodeau writes:
I do use screen myself, but the issue I'm annoyed at is a bug in xorg that
has been present for a long, ong time, since 2014 I think. Basically each
time you go in another tty from the one where xorg is runnning, you suspend
your X session. When you resume, instead of using the already established
connection for /dev/dri/card0, that idiot reopens a new connection without
closing the old one. Do that and eventually you end up being unable to open
any new window or program in X. Maximum number of clients reached. I'm
*SICK* of this stupid bug and the way my irc is done, I can't use pidgin,
hence the request to improve irssi support if possible.

Janina Sajka a écrit :
Tyna is correct. Speakup is not at all object oriented, so no AT-SPI
support whatsoever.

It's purely a console/terminal screen reader, i.e. whatever row/column
grid you've set resolution to. Personally, I use the app screen with
Speakup, so am not directly on the TTY console. My resolution gives me
65 rows by 175 columns.

One can define zones of this grid for special access, but there's no
facility to load special scripts based on what app might be running as
the old DOS screen readers (like asap and vocal-eyes) used to do.

On the other hand, there's tremendous capibility in bash, and many, many
apps that work very well from a console tty--and arguably better from a
screen session in that tty.

Since Linux doesn't limit how many tty console sessions you can launch,
whyworry about irssi under Orca? Why not simply Alt+Ctrl+FN whatever to
switch to the tty where you're running irssi with Speakup?

Personally, I have 24 tty consoles defined. The Left Alt gets me to the
first 12, and the right Alt gets me 13-24. Yes, I do use them all, quite
systematically, actually.




Tyna Pelletier-Bilodeau writes:
speakup is a pure console screen reader, so no it can't really use at-spi2,
unless it also handles tty in some ways I'm not aware of

Joanmarie Diggs a écrit :
Hi Tyna.

On 06/23/2017 10:58 AM, Tyna Pelletier-Bilodeau wrote:


As far as I know, all irssi is using is terminfo, I don't know why
speakup works so well with it and yet orca does not, but I'd like it if
support could be improved.
Is speakup using AT-SPI2 for this presentation?

The reason I ask is that the information we get via AT-SPI2 is mostly
accessible-text change events -- and not events that are clear. Often,
when new text comes in, the event is not for just the newly-inserted
text; there's a text deletion event removing a bunch of text followed by
an insertion of a bunch of text, and Orca has to play "Guess what
changed and why." Furthermore, Orca doesn't know you're in irssi, or
vim, or less, or.... So the guessing game is pretty challenging. On top
of all of that, there are a few bugs in VTE's accessible-text
implementation (e.g. when you ask for the line, do you get the right
line and offsets?). That also has to be taken into account in the
guessing game.

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