[orca-list] improve irssi support

as far as I know the support for irssi (irc client) in orca has been like this for at least 2 years from what I can tell:

* orca will read incoming and outgoing messages and the statusbar every time a new message appeares, but only if the current window is not yet full * if you change windows in irssi orca will start reading the window you are now in from the top * in the case where the current window is full, orca will stop reading incoming messages and the one you send, or may read the window from the top instead * thanks to the now improved flat review, if you want to read a new message you need not to change window and go back on the terminal, but still having it read automatically would be nice

As far as I know, all irssi is using is terminfo, I don't know why speakup works so well with it and yet orca does not, but I'd like it if support could be improved.

* speakup reads incoming and outgoing messages without any issue, same for the statusbar. It also does not read the statusbar when you send a new message or receive a message when the current window isn't full, only on activity (i.e: messages in another window).

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