Re: [orca-list] improve irssi support

Hi Tyna.

On 06/23/2017 10:58 AM, Tyna Pelletier-Bilodeau wrote:


As far as I know, all irssi is using is terminfo, I don't know why
speakup works so well with it and yet orca does not, but I'd like it if
support could be improved.

Is speakup using AT-SPI2 for this presentation?

The reason I ask is that the information we get via AT-SPI2 is mostly
accessible-text change events -- and not events that are clear. Often,
when new text comes in, the event is not for just the newly-inserted
text; there's a text deletion event removing a bunch of text followed by
an insertion of a bunch of text, and Orca has to play "Guess what
changed and why." Furthermore, Orca doesn't know you're in irssi, or
vim, or less, or.... So the guessing game is pretty challenging. On top
of all of that, there are a few bugs in VTE's accessible-text
implementation (e.g. when you ask for the line, do you get the right
line and offsets?). That also has to be taken into account in the
guessing game.


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