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While Orca's terminal support is quite good, it is primarily a GUI screen reader. The best support for CLI 
based apps will be from a CLI screen reader such as Fenrir.
That being said, there are some things you can do to improve irssi with orca. Disabling the status line 
completely may help. Also, I think there is a add on you can get that will send new events as notifications, 
and of course Orca will read those, so you could have new messages announced like that.
Speaking of scripts, if you want sounds for irssi events, check out
On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 10:58:50AM -0400, Tyna Pelletier-Bilodeau wrote:
as far as I know the support for irssi (irc client) in orca has been like this for at least 2 years from what I can tell:

* orca will read incoming and outgoing messages and the statusbar every time a new message appeares, but only if the current window is not yet full * if you change windows in irssi orca will start reading the window you are now in from the top * in the case where the current window is full, orca will stop reading incoming messages and the one you send, or may read the window from the top instead * thanks to the now improved flat review, if you want to read a new message you need not to change window and go back on the terminal, but still having it read automatically would be nice

As far as I know, all irssi is using is terminfo, I don't know why speakup works so well with it and yet orca does not, but I'd like it if support could be improved.

* speakup reads incoming and outgoing messages without any issue, same for the statusbar. It also does not read the statusbar when you send a new message or receive a message when the current window isn't full, only on activity (i.e: messages in another window).
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