Re: [orca-list] latest stable orca and firefox 53.0.3


I'm not seeing any particular issues -- though my Wells Fargo mortgage
payment page stopped working recently. My last two payments went via the
Wells Android app instead.

My Orca is git as of about one-two weeks ago, and my 64bit Firefox is
53.0.2-1, built on 6 May.

You didn't mention your versions? Same? Different?

PS: I'm on Arch updated about two weeks ago. Kernel is 4.10.13-1-ARCH


deedra waters writes:
So this combo of programs seems to have problems. I can't give exact steps
to reproduce it either since it's purely random as to how it happens.

When i go to a website or am reading in a website sometimes orca will just
quit speaking. i have to alt tab in and out of the firefox window to get it
to start speaking again. I've seen it happen on google, netflix,my bank's
website and a very very simple website that i help admin. as i said i can't
reproduce this this reliabley.

maybe someone else is seeing this to?

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