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Hi Mark,

What is your Debian version ? Do you have the libreoffice-gnome package installed ? What is your test case ? What version of LibreOffice do you have ?

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Le 31/05/2017 à 20:38, Mark Peveto a écrit :
Oh my!  I've absolutely had it.  I installed orca 3.22 on my Debian system last night, and it doesn't seem to 
wanna work with the version of libreoffice
that's in the debian repo.  Are there any changes I can make in the existing program in order for it to work, 
or if I uninstall it, what do I need to
install so I can actually, ya know, work on my documents?  When I open a document in the currently installed 
version, I can hgit down arrow all day
long, and orca reads nothing.  Help help, please!  :)

Mark Peveto
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