Re: [orca-list] Orca VERY sluggish with some lists (especially in its own preferences)

Thanks Jeanette.

I just did a grep on your debug.out:

  $ grep -roP "(?<=TOTAL PROCESSING TIME: )\S+" debug.out | sort

That time reflects the time it takes to process the event from start
(what is this event? do we care? should we present it?) to finish
(generate braille, generate speech, and send it off to brltty and

There is one crazy-long delay but that should already be fixed in
master. (Related aside, 3.24.0 is stable. My guess is you're missing a
number of bug fixes.)

Not counting the above, there are a few items which are taking one third
of a second, which is not great and I'll see if I can trim that down.
Are those delays what you are describing as "VERY (all caps) sluggish"?
If so, again, I'll see what I can do. But if the sluggishness you are
seeing is a second or longer, then I don't *think* it's Orca itself. It
might be AT-SPI2 or Gtk+.


On 08/29/2017 08:19 PM, Jeanette C. wrote:
Aug 29 2017, Joanmarie Diggs has written:
If you are using Orca master and capture a full debug.out, I will take a
look and try to figure where/why the sluggishness is occurring.
Hi Joanmarie,
a debug.out file is attached. I think I might have captured a little too
much. If you can search for keystrokes, look for the first cursor down.

I'm using the Orca package supplied with ArchLinux pacman, the supplied
version info is:
orca 3.24.0+15+gc2c209c34-1
so it looks like some git revision, but highly likely from the master

If you need additional system information, package versions or
configuration details, just let me know.

Thank you for investigating that. It's very much appreciated!

Best wishes,


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