Re: [orca-list] ALSA Card Ordering [Was: I hate pulse]

I believe there is another thing you forgot about/didn't find in the
article maybe, performance.
I believe it was said that system mode pa does not use shared memory for
audio communication, so it is also performance problems that could be
caused by system mode pa.
About multiple users, well, it is enough to mention quick user
switching. there should be a way to play system wide sounds but...

W dniu 21.08.2017 o 16:37, Janina Sajka via orca-list pisze:
Rob writes:
 ...The only problem I have with pulse is that age old thing about not having speech in boht the console 
and the gui. You had to jump through hoops to get both working. The work around was to do something with 
pulse starting in daemon or system mode rather than user mode. But pulse didn't like you doing that for 
some reason.
I haven't played with pulse for a long time, so I don't know if this issue still exists. I'd rather just 
avoid it entirely where I can.

I don't have the page bookmarked, so can't point you to a URI, but I
read in the pulse docs about this. Their rationale is security. Running
as root would enable you to snoop on someone's microphone, if there are
multiple terminals connected to a particular computer.

I find their use cases unbelievably edge-case and totaly specious. Yes,
in theory they're correct. But, I'd wager there are far more blind users
being inconvenienced by this than will ever set up multiple keyboards,
displays and audio devices attaching to the same computer in multiple
rooms--the only way I can see justifying their security concerns.

At this point I tend to start using not so nice expressions.


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