Re: [orca-list] Setting up Orca on ArchLinux

Title: Assinatura Informal

Are you using gnome?

Can you login in gnome and use gnome-terminal?

Assuming that the answer to the previous question is yes, do you hear a sound if you press down arrow after access gnome terminal?

On 08/18/2017 02:25 PM, Jeanette C. wrote:
Hey hey,
I've been trying to get Orca to work on ArchLinux twice or thrice now, with no luck.

Currently I have installed all the necessary packages, or so I believe. I still get no speech and can't find any relevant error messages in the X error log. I can't even get beyond the login manager.

The ArchWiki and other documentation haven't enlightened me one bit. So I need some systematic help. If anyone is willing and can spare the energy, I'd appreciate this very much. For a start, I think, I'll need help in diagnostic tools and helpful tips in logfile analysis. As a console-based Linux user and sys admin I am quite experienced, so I'm not afraid of digging in. :)

Best wishes,


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