Re: [orca-list] I hate pulse

well, as if pulse could actually do such a thing... please note, sound
worked enough to say things like screen reader on. the  chance that this
is a pulse bug is far below 0

W dniu 18.08.2017 o 16:50, Janina Sajka via orca-list pisze:

I generally terminate pulse with extreme prejudice. It's not worth the
trouble. Afaik, all pulse provides the Orca user that alsa doesn't, is
earcons. Well, earcons are nice, but not essential. Reliable speech is
essential. Long live alsa.


John G Heim writes:
I hate pulse. Or at least I think I do. So here is what happened to me last
night. I was writing a php scritp to show pathfinder (that's open-source
D&D) spells in a table. All of a sudden, orca stops speaking. I hit Alt+F2
and type, "orca --replace". I hear the familiar, "screen reader reloaded"
and then nothing. I do it again, same effect. I tried getting out of
firefox, gedit, etc. Hard to know what I was actually doing w/o the screen
reader. Finally, I reboot. Same thing! I can restart orca but it won't
speak. What kind of bug, I ask myself, can survive a reboot? Then it hits me
... pulse. Pulse-f'in-audio.

PS: If anybody is interested in the pathfinder spells web app, let me know.
It's open source.
John G. Heim; jheim math wisc edu; sip://jheim sip linphone org
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