[orca-list] I hate pulse

I hate pulse. Or at least I think I do. So here is what happened to me last night. I was writing a php scritp to show pathfinder (that's open-source D&D) spells in a table. All of a sudden, orca stops speaking. I hit Alt+F2 and type, "orca --replace". I hear the familiar, "screen reader reloaded" and then nothing. I do it again, same effect. I tried getting out of firefox, gedit, etc. Hard to know what I was actually doing w/o the screen reader. Finally, I reboot. Same thing! I can restart orca but it won't speak. What kind of bug, I ask myself, can survive a reboot? Then it hits me ... pulse. Pulse-f'in-audio.

PS: If anybody is interested in the pathfinder spells web app, let me know. It's open source.
John G. Heim; jheim math wisc edu; sip://jheim sip linphone org

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