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Kalilinux is probably the best linux for security specialists. All of the security tools come pre-installed and you can take courses on the kalilinux website specific to cyber security and use of kalilinux. Understand though kalilinux installs as a graphical user interface you have command line access through terminals.

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Charles E. Black <ceblack my bellevue edu> wrote:
I am a cybersecurity person who has the need to understand Linux. I have
developed in several languages and dealt with DOS, Windows, Unix on a
limited basis and some Linux. I need to learn Linux and Unix in depth. Where
can I get my best lessons to become the best cybersecurity individual I can

Start by making sure you're very familiar with the shell and utilities. Read
William E. Shotts, Jr., The Linux Command Line.
for details.

After that, read a good book on Linux system administration. I don't know any
that are recent and good, but they're bound to be available.

I would recommend Michael Kerrisk, The Linux Programming Interface. You can
buy it in electronic form from the publisher. It received a very favourable
review from Linux Weekly News when it was published.

You should definitely read a book about Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux). I
don't know which is the best book, as I haven't learned SELinux; but if you're
serious about Linux security, you should learn it. You can practice with a
Linux distribution such as Fedora that uses SELinux. SELinux provides
mandatory access controls; it's very serious technology.

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