Re: [orca-list] Anybody using Orca in Fedora 25

Interesting about the clock, since that never happened until Fedora 24--on my box, anyway. Maybe it's some Debian setting of mine.


On 12/4/2016 11:57 PM, Luke Yelavich wrote:
On Mon, Dec 05, 2016 at 12:52:11PM AEDT, Al Sten-Clanton wrote:
When I ran the Fedora 24 DVD, it reset my clock so that I had to fix it when
next I ran using my hard drive.  Did anybody else run into this, or has
anything like that happened to anybody using Fedora 25?

Most live images boot up and use UTC as a clock sync reference, and therefore adjust your clock based on that.

Also, although this is not an Orca topic, is Speakup reasonably available
for Fedora 25?

No, Fedora kernels do not have staging modules built, hense no speakup modules as part of the official 
kernel. There used to be extra modules packages that contained the staging modules that were available from 
third-party repositories, but these are no longer available.


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