Re: [orca-list] Anybody using Orca in Fedora 25

Thanks Matthew - I did wonder about the whole switch to Wayland and whether it was really ready for prime time when it comes to accessibility.



On 04/12/16 14:42, Matthew Dyer wrote:

Yes the only thing to keep in mind is that fedora has switched to waland
by default.  For best resaults, before loging in make sure you are using
x server and not waland as I discovered that orca did not work at first
and discovered that I had been switched to wayland rather than x sever.


On 12/04/2016 07:47 AM, Nick Wood wrote:
Hi all,

As Fedora 25 is now out, I just wondered if any of my fellow Orca
users have gone through the upgrade yet, and whether there are any
issues I need to be aware of.


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