[orca-list] Heads up: Just committed some support for speaking MathML content in Firefox

Hey guys.

I just flipped the proverbial switch to get Orca to start presenting
MathML content as spoken math rather than rendered text. As stated in
the commit message:

* This is the very, very beginning of this support. It's far from done.
* The current focus is on speaking MathML when navigating by line. This
  is so that we (communities, plural) can try to reach consensus on what
  screen readers should speak for various MathML expressions.
* Other caret navigation may or may not work and/or work as expected.
  Some of this will need to be fixed in Orca; some in Gecko. Speaking
  of which:
* This only works with Firefox currently. And you will need Firefox

Feedback is encouraged. Patience is mandatory. :) Orca 3.18 will rock.

If you happen to be a user who consumes spoken Math, especially MathML,
and are able to test Orca master, please do (keeping in mind the many
disclaimers above <grins>).


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