Re: [orca-list] what to expect for Orca on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?

14.04 will have Gnome-shell 3.10.  As for accessible Evince, I believe 13.10
has it so, 14.04 should.  I'm running 13.10 at ome so, I can check this
evening to make sure.  

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hello all,
I wish to know what can be expected from Ubuntu 14.04 as far as
accessibility is concerned?
1, will Unity 3d be finally accessible and to what extent?
2, Will there be a possibility to have Gnome 3.10 on the said version?
3, I saw a mail few days before on pdf acccessibility through evince?  
Will that accessible version be available on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?
Happy hacking.

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