Re: [orca-list] Recording audio from the soundcard

luciano de souza <luchyanus gmail com> wrote:
Yes, the sound is recorded as I wanted. I concluded the problem is
solved. I made several records and everything is normal. However,
after restart the computer, I think this is the event, but I am not
sure,  the command "gst-launch pulsesrc device=1 ! wavenc ! filesink
location=output.wav" produces a empty audio with the same message of
unknown format and lack of lirc support.

If you have more than one audio device detected by the kernel, it's possible
that they're detected in a different order after you reboot and you may have
to change your configuration to ensure that your desired sound card is always
recognized as device 0 in Alsa. Using aplay -l and looking at the index
numbers before and after rebooting should show you whether this is a problem
for you. If it is, you can edit your kernel module configuration and add
parameters to specify the index numbers of your devices so that your preferred
card is at index 0.

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