Re: [orca-list] what computer for linux

I tried installing debian on a Dell Inspiron 1545 and don't recommend it 
to anyone.  It needed nonfree firmware drivers since what used to be 
done by hardware is now both software dependent and proprietary driver 
dependent.  A contact I have who is sighted ended up going to the lenovo 
website and building his computer with that company and had no problems 
with his computer installing Fedora on it.

On Sat, 28 Dec 2013, Kyle wrote:

Pretty much anything non-apple works without many problems, although
uefi may still have some issues. I haven't yet been able to test
uefi-based computers, so can't give you anything definite about them
other than the fact that people have been able to get them to boot some
Linux distros. Still, there is apparently a way to make uefi run in
legacy mode if it becomes a problem. Hope this helps.

jude <jdashiel shellworld net>

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