Re: [orca-list] Orca and touch screen support


That's my thoughts exactly. From a programming point of view Orca and
at-spi work quite a bit differently from the way NVDA interacts with
Windows via the Windows API, U.I. Automation,  etc. So the trick for
an Orca developer would be to figure how to find the Linux equivalents
to the way NVDA handles touchscreen access on Windows and imitate it.
The same could be said for something like Talkback and Android. We are
talking major differences in API and implementation that don't
necessarily cross over to Orca and Gnome.

On 1/14/14, Alex Midence <alex midence gmail com> wrote:
Probably some good stuff to be gleaned from there.  The trouble with the
Android and Windows stuff is going to be that At-Spi will quite likely have
a completely different approach to things and it will be hard to find the
common ground from which to start.

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