Re: [orca-list] manjaro and external hd

First of all, did you install the Sonar Manjaro alpha1 build, or did you
use the Manjaro GNOME community spin available from SourceForge and
install Espeak on-the-fly to get Orca working? My next question assumes
you are running my Sonar alpha1 build, as it comes up talking without
having to do anything other than start it up.

Did you use the stable installer or the testing installer? That is to
say that both are available from the cli installer via a menu. I myself,
along with another tester had trouble getting the stable installer
working on external drives. My problem was the fact that the drive
doesn't appear to be mounted correctly during installation. The other
tester who reported a problem had an unspecified error while attempting
to install GRUB on the external drive, which is probably another symptom
of the same problem, which I am currently debugging.

If you were successful installing to /dev/sda, then just select /dev/sdb
in all the places where you selected /dev/sda in VMWare. Except in the
case of a bug, it should work correctly using automatic disk
preparation, and GRUB will be installed to the external drive as well.
Hope this helps.
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