[orca-list] Orca Screen Layout

Dear all,
i'm a new member here and also new linux user.
orca is quite nice. However, i wonder whether orca support screen layout or not.
if i use windows with NVDA screen reader, i get this feature on brows mode.
for me, screen layout is useful for browsing on the internet.
in NVDA, if i activate screen layout feature "enabled", when i access a homePage, NVDA will say any link on 1 line, but when i turn it off, NVDA will say 1 link on 1 line, for example:
(this is on the same line):
link google link facebook link microsoft...
(and link line by line):
link google
link facebook
link microsoft
and so on.
i hope in the future, orca can also support for the screen layout, like NVDA already done.
I'm so sorry if my english is not so good.
Best regards,

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