Re: [orca-list] Orca Screen Layout

If I understand your question correctly, Orca and Firefox only support
screen layout, as that is the way the browser presents its content to
Orca. So for example, if Google, Facebook and Twitter links are on the
same line on the screen, they will be presented to you by Orca as:
Google link. Facebook link. Twitter link.
You would be able to press enter immediately upon navigating to that
line to take you to the Google link. The Facebook and Twitter links
would be accessible via the tab key, and are activated normally. The
exception to this would be if each link is in its own HTML container
such as a <div>. In this case, you would likely hear each link as if it
was on a line by itself. This is usually not the case with the example
above, however, since the example links are related to each other enough
to be in the same HTML container in most cases.

Because Orca never changes the layout of a web page, there is no toggle
switch in Orca that will allow you to hear each link on a separate line.
If you need this functionality, you may need to install a firefox
extension, assuming there is one available that can change the layout of
the page in such a way. WebVisum does some layout changes and page
enhancements, but I don't think it changes the positioning of links.
Hope this helps.
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