[orca-list] Quires While Understanding Orca's Source Code

Hi All,

            I am trying to understand orca's source code . I have some queries about source code of orca.

        In orca.py the main() function is entry point of orca , but after loading user profile and it  start SplashGUI GUI and  orca wait for event , so How LocusOfFocus is called and how inputEvent handle the event ?

        In script/default.py  the input_event.InputEventHandler("skimReadhandler") are bind to skimRead function then How the event are bind to any function ? means for any feature like  Navigation by sentence after pressing key binding that is generating event how orca called appropriate function?  means how inputEventHandler called appropriate function after pressing key binding ?

I download orca from our site . so the skimRead and various feature are available.


 sorry for bad english and big question , but I stuck in above queries , so please help me.

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