Re: [orca-list] pronunciation dictionary and unicode characters

Have you tried to see if this behavior is exhibited with E-speak as the
synthesizer?  We need to determine if this is an Orca problem or an
Eloquence/ViaVoice one.  You know there are certain words that crash that
thing, right?  If you put the syllables web hes and day together in one
contiguous word, it will crash viavoice every time, for instance.  You may
be dealing with such a situation now.  Hope not because you'd be stuck if
you were.  Viavoice is closed source and isn't being updated at the code

Welcome to Linux.  Hope this gets resolved soon.  Incidentally, you can get
e-speak going to speeds that would leave viavoice coughing in its dust if
you tweak it.  

Alex M

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Hi all,

I'm a total newbie to Gnome and Orca, having only installed them through
Vinux a few days ago, and a relative newbie to Linux (I've dabbled with it
in the past, which came in quite handy for the tale I'm about to relate!)

I installed Voxin to get access to IBM Viavoice because (a) I like its voice
and (b) it can speak much faster than Espeak under Orca. However, I found
the way it spells out abbreviations to be annoying. I tried to use the
pronunciation dictionary to make it say °C as "degrees c" rather than
"degrees centigrade", but this caused Orca to crash with some sort of error
message about unicode and being out-of-range (according to my sighted
assistant). I was only able to recover by loading Speakup, using the locate
command to find the customisations file, and editing it with Nano.

Is there a way to make  this pronunciation entry without crashing Orca, or,
even better, is there a way to turn off IBM Viavoice's abbreviations?


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