[orca-list] pronunciation dictionary and unicode characters

Hi all,

I'm a total newbie to Gnome and Orca, having only installed them through Vinux a few days ago, and a relative newbie to Linux (I've dabbled with it in the past, which came in quite handy for the tale I'm about to relate!)

I installed Voxin to get access to IBM Viavoice because (a) I like its voice and (b) it can speak much faster than Espeak under Orca. However, I found the way it spells out abbreviations to be annoying. I tried to use the pronunciation dictionary to make it say °C as "degrees c" rather than "degrees centigrade", but this caused Orca to crash with some sort of error message about unicode and being out-of-range (according to my sighted assistant). I was only able to recover by loading Speakup, using the locate command to find the customisations file, and editing it with Nano.

Is there a way to make this pronunciation entry without crashing Orca, or, even better, is there a way to turn off IBM Viavoice's abbreviations?


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