Re: [orca-list] what is the current status with form field accessibility in firefox

On 16/03/12 04:26, Jason White wrote:
hackingKK<hackingkk gmail com>  wrote:

This is really serious in that case.
I think ff guys have to be informed as early as possible and with a
sense of utmost urgency.
That was done months ago. Patches have since been posted; some of them have
been integrated and there are more on the way. You can follow their progress
by tracking the relevant Mozilla bugs.
For blind users it is really the most crutial bug and the only way
out of it will be to really downgrade.
As it is chromium browser is not accessible so ff is our only choice.
There is also Epiphany-browser based on WebKit GTK. I don't know why it hasn't
received much attention on this list. It has been the subject of extensive
accessibility work.

So What is the current status of epiphany browser accessibility?
Is it worth using or is still in experimental stage?
Does it support all standards including html 5 and ajax?
If firefox patches are slow on progress then may be we will have to have another version like the one bill had produced for Vinux.
Happy hacking.

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