Re: [orca-list] what is the current status with form field accessibility in firefox


On 15/03/12 17:01, Jakob Herrmann wrote:
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I am using an orca-git version built last weekend and just updated to
Ff and Tb11. The issues are still there, wich means:
* Braille is not updated when typing in address bar or a form field in
* Braille is not updated when typing in any message field in Thunderbird.
* Word echo does not work in Ff and Tb, but doesn't either e.g. in
gnome-terminal, so I don't know if this is related to the same bug.
I'll re-build orca and at-spi-related components later today and try
if something have changed. Trying out a master version of at-spi2-core
at least fixed the issue with edit boxes and focus for me (e.g. in
gedit), but caused serious trouble with Firefox: Navigating through
pages was practically impossible and I had permanent crashes and
"deadlocks", so I downgraded at-spi2-core to stable. Maybe something
has changed with the release of Ff10. As far as I know, the bug with
form fields etc. has to be fixed by Mozilla and I don't understand why
nothing has changed for almost a year right now.

This is really serious in that case.
I think ff guys have to be informed as early as possible and with a sense of utmost urgency. For blind users it is really the most crutial bug and the only way out of it will be to really downgrade.
As it is chromium browser is not accessible so ff is our only choice.
Happy hacking.

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